Two or more subjects can be merged into one group and given a group name that would represent all the merged subjects. 

Scores inputs could be made for each subject and all the scores would be merged into the subject group.

For example, basic tech, basic science, computer, and PHE could be merged into BST. 

This article provides 5 easy steps on how to group subjects.

How to create a subject group

  1. Click on Configurations.

  2. Under Configurations, click on Manage Subject Groups.

  3. On the subject group field, click on the Add button to create a subject group.

  4. Enter the group information (group ID, name, and description)

  5. Click the Save button to finish creating the subject group as shown in the image below.

How to add sub-subjects

  1. Click on the recently created subject group.

  2. On the sub-subjects section, click on Add button

  3. A new window will appear with the list of all the subjects created on the system, select the subjects you wish to add to the group.

  4. Click on the Add Subject(s) to Group button to complete this operation as shown in the image below.