To use the offline teacher’s app as a form teacher or subject teacher, please follow the steps below:

NB: Ensure you have a good internet connection and Android OS Version 6.2 and above to complete steps 1-9.

1. Go to Google Play Store on your android device, type SAFSMS Teacher.

 2. Click on the Update button to upgrade to the lettest version.

3. Click the Open button.

4. Click on Select School, to select your school name.

5. Type your School Name.

6. Select your School Name from the list.

7. Enter your Username.

8. Enter your Password.

9. Click on the Login button.

10. After logging in, the Offline Capability Loading message will be displayed, it takes less than five (5) minutes for the offline mode to be activated.

11. Once it shows Offline Capability Available, turn off your data (internet).

12.  Now, you can take attendance, input scores, and make comments. Ensure to save offline and turn on your data (internet) to synchronize with the web.