How to  manage school fees items

This privilege enables the Account Officer to Add, Delete or Update the items that constitute the school fees both compulsory and optional items, e.g. Fees, Books, Uniforms, Excursion Fees e.t.c.

How to add school fees items

To add a chart of account, the following steps below are required;

  1. Click on manage school fees items under school fees admin

  2. Click on the add menu.

  3. Enter the required information, ensuring that the item ID is unique.

  4. Uncheck the checkbox beside compulsory if the item is an optional item.

  5. Click on the save button.

How to delete school fees items

To delete, ensure that the cost implication of that particular item has not been added yet. The following steps are needed in deleting the school fees chart of the account;

  1. Click on manage school fees items under the school fees admin privilege.

  2. Select the item you wish to delete from the list of displayed items.

  3. Click on the delete button.

  4. Click on the ok in the pop-up menu if you are sure you want to delete the item.

How to update school fees items

The following steps are required in updating an item;

  1. Click on the manage school fees items under the school fees admin privilege.

  2. Select the item you want to update from the list of displayed items.

  3. Click on the update button.

  4. Edit the required fields except for the item ID that can not be edited once created.

  5. Click on the save button.