How to make payment/make full payment/pay amount 

The guide below will take you through the process of making payment, full payment, and pay amount.

Make Payment

  1. Click on School fees admin on the left-pane to reveal the various functions of the school fees admin.

  2. Click on Manage school fees 

  3. Click on a student or perform a quick search from the search box.

  4. Hover over the show dropdown button to change from paid items to unpaid items to see school fee items/bills

  5. Input the amount paid and choose the method of payment bank/cash

  6. Hereinafter, a dialog box pops out, insert the designated bank details(bank name, teller no, date). And click Save bank details.

Fig 1

Fig 1.1

 7. click Save payment to complete the process.

Fig 1.2

How to make full payment

  1. Repeat and perform the first three (3)steps in fig1 above

  2. Click on Make full payment 

  3. A dialog box pops out, select bank from the show dropdown, and inserts the teller no/date. And click Save

Fig 2

Fig 2.1

Fig 2.2

How to Pay amount

  1. Repeat and perform the first three(3) steps in Fig1 above

  2. Click on Pay amount, a dialog box pops out

  3. Insert the exact amount of money paid and select bank, method of payment from the show dropdown, teller no and date 

  4. Click Save

Fig 3

Fig 3.1