Proper and complete students’ records are kept on the system, so, for any student that falls ill during school hours and is taken to the school clinic for first aid, the sickness symptoms; drugs administered, and other relevant information would be recorded by the clinic attendant and this can be viewed and printed by others with the privilege for reference. To view the clinic visit summary for a student, use the following steps.

  1. Click on the Medical Officer menu item on the left-pane to reveal the various functions.

  2. Click on Manage Clinic Visit.

  3. Select term and session for which you wish to view a summary from the dropdown labeled “Term”.

  4. Click on the Clinic Visit Summary button to reveal the summary list of students who have visited the school clinic for the selected term.

  5. Click on Print Summary to print out the clinic visit summary list which comes in PDF as shown in the image below.