The following article will take you through how to add, delete and update a staff ID.

 Adding a Staff

  1. Go to 'Enrollment Officer' on the left-pane. 

  2. Under the Enrollment Officer roles, click on 'Manage Staff

  3. OR Perform a quick search using the ‘search for activity field with relevant search terms

 4. Select ‘Add New Staff’ and input the necessary information.

5. After providing the information, click on Save Staff Details’ to store the new staff.

NOTE: Staff ID, Title, Gender, First Name, and Last Name are compulsory while other information’s are optional. 

Deleting a Staff

 1. Click on the new staff you want to delete.

2. Then select Delete New Staff’ to delete a staff as shown in the Fig below.

Updating Staff ID

1. Highlight the Staff you want to make updates on.

2.  Click 'Update Staff ID'

3. Input the new ID

4. Click ‘Save’ to store the current changes as shown in the Figure below.