In order to assign and remove user-selected roles, these are the steps that guide you:

1.    Click on ‘Admin’ on the left side 

2.    Select the ‘Assign’ role to the functions display  

3.    Select a Staff’ that you want to assign to the list of staff  

4.    Click and select the role that you want assign to the list of roles displays 

5.    Click Assign role’ it will show assign successful 

Steps on how to remove the user-selected role

1.    Click on Admin’ at the top 

2.    Select ‘Assign role’ to the left side of the function display 

3.    Select a ‘Staff’ that you want to remove to the list of staff 

4.    Select a role that you want to remove from the user

5.    Select ‘Remove selected’ role

6.    Click ‘Ok’