The article below will take you through how to set a new resumption date.  find the following steps useful.

  1. Click on 'Admin' on the left-pane to reveal the various functions of the admin role. 

  2. Click on Manage term info 

  3. OR Perform a quick search using the ‘search for activity field with relevant search terms.

To  add a new resumption date

  1.  Click on ‘Term Information.

  2.  Select ‘Add

  3. Choose the ‘Section and Input (‘Resumption Date, ‘Vacation Date, ‘Next Term Resumption Date’).

  4. Click ‘Save’ to store the information.

To delete term info,

  1. Click on ‘Term Information.

  2. Highlight on the section info you want to delete.

  3. Click on ‘Delete

4. Click ’ok’. 

To update resumption date, vacation date, next term resumption date,

  1.  Click on ‘Term Information.

  2.  Highlight on the section you want to update.

  3. Click ‘Update and input new ‘Resumption Date, ‘Vacation Date, ‘Next Term Resumption Date.

  4.  Click on ‘Save’ to store the current changes.