In order to add, update or delete a school club on the safsms platform, kindly find the following steps to be useful

Click on Manage School Clubs on the left side of the page under the Admin role. You can then click on List of clubs as shown below to take you to the page where you can add, update or delete club names. 

Adding a new club

  1. To add a new club, you need to click on Add Club.

  1. A pop-up box will appear,  you can proceed to fill in your club information and click the Save button. 

Updating a club

  1. When you choose to update your club information, you click on the club you want to update and then click on the Update button and a popup box will appear, you can now go ahead to update your information and click the Save button. 

Deleting a club

  1. In deleting a club, you click on the club you want to delete, and click on the delete button, Hereafter, Click OK on the notification pop up to confirm your action.