At the beginning of every session, returning students are promoted or repeated based on the promotion criteria configured on the system. To import either promoted students or if you wish to still move repeated students to a particular class, use the steps below:

Note: This is only applicable for the first term

  1. Click on Enrollment Officer on the left pane of the page.

  2. Click on Manage Class Members.

  3. Select the class you wish to add the students.

  4. Click on Import promoted/repeated to see the list of promoted or repeating students.

(Please note that the promotion criteria must have been configured. To learn how to set up the promotion criteria, see How to set up promotion criteria)

  1. From the list, you can select from either select from the list of promoted students or repeating students (if you wish to still promote repeating students to the next class).

  1. Tick the students to be added. 

  2.  Click add Selected Student(s) button to add the students to the class.