This feature affords the user the ability to add class members/students to a class from their pool of uploaded student data and also to remove class members from a class.

  1.  Perform a quick search using the search for activity field with relevant search terms(Manage class members).

  2. OR click on Enrollment officer' on the left-pane to reveal the various functions of the Enrollment officer. 

  3. Click on Manage class members to view the page information. 

Fig 1.1

Adding a class member

  1. Select the Class you wish to add class members to amongst the list of classes.

  2. Click on Add class member(s)    

 Fig 1.2

  1. Search by name or student ID to add a particular class member

  2. Filter by Session of admission to view a list of corresponding student data information.

  3. Check to Select All or select individually among the list as shown below

  4. Lastly, Click Add selected student(s) 

Fig 1.3

Removing a class member

    On the same page as Fig 1.2

  1. Select the Class amongst the list of classes.

  2. Select one or all of the students to be removed

  3. Click Remove members

  4. Select to keep student(s) record after removing from class

  5. Select to permanently remove student(s) record from class

Fig 1.4