In order to view and take the school club attendance report, the article below will take you through first, how to take school club attendance and secondly how to view the attendance record.  kindly find the below steps helpful.

  1. Click on Admin on the left-pane to reveal the various functions of the admin role.

  2. Click on Manage School Clubs

  3. OR perform a quick search using the Search for activity field with relevant search terms.

4. Click on Attendance the third tab from the left-hand side of the array of four tabs to reveal the attendance information page. 

5. Click on the Select club and Select session to reveal the club members for attendance. 

6. To take attendance for each member of the club, select the roll call date, check the box to mark present, and uncheck to mark absent with required reasons. One can also mark for lateness the same way and click Save.

7. To view the attendance report taken, switch to the View Attendance Report tab, click on the select club, and select session to reveal the club members. Lastly, you can also print attendance reports by using the print report button.