As a system administrator, you are charged with setting up your school portal at the beginning of every new term for a successful start of term.

As you already know, a school term is a period of time when the school is open for academic activities. Therefore, your first step in this workflow is to create a new term with or without a license code. Below is a step-by-step process of all the actions that you need to take to set up your school platform.


  1. Click on Admin on the left pane to see the various functions of the admin role.
  2. Hereafter, Click on Manage Term Info 
  3. Select Manage Term 
  4. Click on Create.

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  5. Select the Session from the drop-down.
  6. Define the term by selecting your term in the drop-down.
  7. Enter the license code. (This is an activation code for creating a new term)
  8. Click on Create.

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    NB: Schools can create a new term and import configuration into a new term without license code when they want to. This allows them to prepare a school fee bill against the next term for parents/guardians to view their ward's school bill.

    Right after creating the new term, you need to set up the term information i.e. (Resumption date, Vacation date, Next term resumption date, NOTE: This information can be modified after the initial setup). It defines the accurate number of days school is open within the term.

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    STEP 2

    Now, after setting up a new term, you have to import configurations and settings from the previous term.
    1. Click on Admin on the left-pane to reveal the various functions of the admin role. Hereafter, click on Import Configurations
    2. OR perform a quick search using the search for activity field with relevant search terms.
    3. Check and uncheck the configuration types you will like to import to the next term.
    4. Select the new term for the imported configuration.
    5. Click Import Configurations
    6. Lastly, click OK to confirm your action.

      STEP 3

      After importing the configuration from the previous term to a new term, you would also need to add assessment format to Sections before setting a Score entry time frame.

    1. Click on Configuration on the left-pane to reveal the various functions of the configuration. Hence, 
    2. Click Section Assessment Format
    3. Click on Add then a dialog box pops out.
    4. Select the Section and the Assessment Format meant for the selected Section. This also enables setting Score entry timeframe

      STEP 4

      After setting the Assessment format to sections, you would also need to set up a score entry time frame.
      The score entry time frame allows you to set a start date and end date for inputting scores per assessment and school session. Without it, teachers cannot input scores for students. It also allows you to checkmate teachers.