The following processes below are required to have a successful end of term.

Approve result

Results need to be approved before they can be viewed on our Parent app by parents. Result approval is a quality control system that allows schools to verify the veracity of the information entered by subject teachers by the Exam Officer

  • Click on Approve Results under Exam officer  
  • Select the class and click on the Approve button.


To disapprove/delete an approved result, kindly select the approved class and click delete.

Manage Student number of Days absent in a term.

This is a smart way to manage the number of days a student was absent in a term rather than taking attendance daily.

  1. Select Form Teacher on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Choose Manage Days Absent from the list of privileges under Form Teacher. 
  3. Click on the class you want to work on.
  4. Input the specific number of days each student was present for in the No. of Days Absent input boxes.
  5. Click on the Save button to save your work.



Print Single End of Term Score-based Result.

A user can print a single score-based end-of-term result with the privileged role of View Result.

Therefore, the following steps will guide you on how to check and/or print a current term’s result for a single student.

  1. Click on View results on the left side pane
  2. Select Term result
  3. Select a student from the lists or perform a quick search or click Advance to filter the section.
  4. Click on Print Report Sheet to view the result



Print End of Term Comment Based Result.

Comment-based results are results that have comments or behavioral comments which do not involve raw scores. They are commonly found in Preschools and early years. To print end of term comment-based results, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on View results on the left side pane
  2. Select Comment based Result
  3. Select a Class
  4. Click on a Student
  5. Finally, click Student’s Report.



Print multiple End of Term results

This affords the user the ability to print multiple End of Term reports in a class

  1. Click on View results on the left side pane
  2. Select Class Level Broadsheet
  3. Select a class
  4. Click on Print All Students’ Report Sheet a dialogue box  pops out, insert email address 
  5. Click Save and continue.



View all Generated Report

This affords the user the ability to view the overall generated report of a particular class.

  1. Click on View results on the left side pane
  2. Select View Generated report
  3. Select a class that was generated from Class level broadSheet you should see ready for download
  4. Click on Download to view the generated report