A school term is a period of time when school is open for academic activities, usually a study cycle and closed by examination assessed and graded.

Creating a new term with/without license code

  1. Click on Admin on the left-pane to reveal the various functions of the admin role. Hereafter, 
  2. Click on Manage Term Info 
  3. OR perform a quick search using the search for activity field with relevant search terms. 
  4. Select Manage Term.

Fig 1.1

a2f1.png5. Click on Create 

6. Select the Session from the drop down.

7. Define the term by selecting your term in the drop down.

8. Input license code.

9. Click on Create.

NB: Schools can create a new term without license code when they want to. They can both configure their school fees for the next term and generate invoices or bills for parents/guardians.


            Deleting a term

         On the same page as Fig 1.1;

  1. Select the term to be deleted
  2. Press the ‘Delete’ button
  3. Click ‘Ok’ on the pop up notification to confirm your action.a2f3.png

                     Setting a term as current term

           On the same page as Fig 1.1;

  1. Choose the term to be set as current term
  2. Click on ‘Set as Current Term’ button above
  3. Press the ‘Ok’ button


                       Updating a license

  1. Select the term to be updated.
  2. Click on Update License.
  3. Enter the license code
  4. Click on Create as shown in the figure below