How to send notification of absentees

The principal or head of school and/or form (class) teachers can send a mobile notification or email to parents/guardians about the student(s) who are absent from the school.

This article will take you through how to send both SMS or email notification to parents.

How to send SMS notification of absentees

  1. Click on Principal
  2.  Select View Roll Call Report


  3. Select a Section
  4. Choose a Class from the drop down
  5. Select the start date under From: 
  1.  Select the end date under To:


  2. Select Roll Call Date
  3. Choose Send Notification
  4. Check the box for Send as SMS only
  5. Check the box for Use Sample SMS
  6. Press the button Send SMS as shown in the figure below



How to send email notification of absentees

Follow steps 1 to 6 above

7. Select Roll Call Date

8. Choose Send Notification

9. Check the box for Send email only

10. Give it a Subject name

11. Check the box for Use Sample email

12. Press the button Send emails