How to email results in pdf format to parents/guardian

Emailing of students results to parents/guardians is done through the following steps when the ready is approved by the management;

  1. Click on the broadsheet under the view results privilege.
  2. Click on the name of the class you want to email the results to parents from the list of displayed classes showing the details of the students in that particular class.
  3. Click on the email results button above the list of the class members.
  4. Click on the first small checkbox beside the student ID if you intend to send the results to all the parents of the students in that class. The email results can be sent to some selected students, by clicking on the small checkbox beside each student ID. 
  5. Click on the add students button after selecting all or some selected students from the list displayed.


        6. Enter the subject of the email about the results that you are about to send to parents.

        7. Enter the content of the email.

        8. Enter the confirmation email address to where a copy of the sent results will be sent to.

        9. Click on the send results via email button and wait until you see a pop-up message email sent successfully on your screen.