How to update user activation status

Activation status defines if a user is active or not, to use SAFSMS. At any given time, only authorized users can use SAFSMS.

The under-listed steps are needed to update user activation status;

  1. Under Admin on the left pane of the page, scroll down to Manage Users.
  2. Navigate to User Accounts, a submenu is listed below (Staff, Students, Parents).
  3. Search for the name of the staff you want to Update the Activation status eg(John doe) and uncheck the box that says ‘Active’ .
  4. Click on ‘Update Activation Status’. By doing this, you have deactivated the user from using the software.


To Activate a user,

  1. Select the user or the name of the staff
  2. check the box Active (circled in the image)
  3. Click on the Update Activation Status button. By doing so, the User becomes activated.