Importing students simply means the migration of students from their previous classes to their respective new classes of the new academic year. This task is usually carried out by the admin or enrollment officer in every first term of the new academic session.  

1. Click on Enrollment Officer on the left pane of the page.

2. Click on  Manage Class Member and select the class in which you want to import the students into, on the right pane of the page. 

3. Click on the Import from Another class button.   

Fig 1.1 

You would be prompted with a dialog box in Fig 1.2 below 

4. Click on the Advanced link to filter for the previous term, section, and class. 

5. Select the class in which you want to import from. Then select the student or set of students to be imported. 

6. Click on the Add Selected Student(s) button. 

Fig 1.2