To view the Fees menu item;

  1. Click Fees from the left pane, a summary of the term’s outstanding bill will be displayed on your screen.
  2. Click Change Term to navigate through other terms the child may be owing.

Fig 1.1            unnamed__9_.png

        3.  Click the Payment History tab to view your payment history (paid and pending).   


To Pay School Fees;

On the same page as Fig 1.1 scroll down and click View Summary, a payment summary of the breakdown will be displayed.

  1. To make a payment, click on the button displaying Pay [Amount] to be directed to the payment gateway.

  2. Enter your card details to pay the shown amount. 
  3. Check the Remember this card next time to save yourself time entering card numbers often.
  4. Click the Pay button.

Lastly also note that after every successful payment, receipts are automatically sent to your registered email addresses.