In this section, you will learn how to register courses on SRMS as a student.

Login to your account as a student and follow the steps below.

After a successful login,

a.  Click 'Course Registration' and your courses will be displayed on the screen. You do not have to select semester and level as it is pre-selected for you by default. 



b.  Click 'Add All Core Courses' marked '2'. Your current courses will be added to the right side of the screen. Select your 'Elective Courses' one after the other to add them to the right side of the screen as well.  

c. Click 'Register'.



d. Click the above 'Register' button, a dialogue will be displayed on the screen; asking you to confirm your courses before registering. Click 'OK' to proceed.




e. Click 'Print Registration Form' to print a PDF copy of your registration form.



1. Before proceeding with course registration, make sure that all payments applicable to you have been made.

2. If you are a returning student and have Carry Over courses from the previous semester/session, the first thing that will be displayed on the arrow marked '2' is 'Add All Carry-Over Courses' This is pre-selected as you are required to register all carry over courses first before you register current courses. After adding your Carry Over courses, proceed with the steps explained above.