In this section, you will learn;

1. How to pay your school fees, accommodation and make hostel reservations on SRMS.

a.  Log in to your student account. After a successful login, If you are eligible for an Accommodation, a dialog box will be displayed on the screen informing you of your eligibility and to confirm your gender as shown below.




b. If you have confirmed your information, click 'OK' to proceed.

c. Click 'Fees Payment' by the left side of the screen, all fee item applicable to you will be displayed on the screen.

  • The 'Compulsory Fee' section is compulsory fee items you are must pay before proceeding to Course Registration. 

  • The 'Optional Fee' section is an optional payment you can make e.g Hostel/Accommodation Fee, Books, and other optional fees.

d. Click the item on the 'Accommodation Fees' by the right side. This will add the total to your Total Payment. Confirm your selection and click 'Proceed to Payment' at the bottom of the screen.



e. You will be taking to the Paylog checkout page. 

  • Select your Payment Method form the drop-down circled in red below

  • Select the other checkbox to agree that you have verified the information you have provided


Your payment will be directed to the payment platform: This could be either be Remita, Paystack or InterSwitch. But we will use Remita for the purpose of this tutorial. 

f. Click 'Accept'. You will be presented with the message below. Click 'OK' on the dialog below as well.


g. Fill in all the required fields with your correct information. Click 'OK' to proceed with payment.




After a successful payment, you will be re-directed to SRMS to print your receipt and accommodation policy which you will take to the appropriate authorities in your school for authentication. 



h.  If you choose to use the bank branch as your method of payment on Remita, Click 'Verify Fees Payment', Enter the RRR generated for the payment and click 'Verify'.


1. The duration to which you are allowed to reserve a space before making the payment is subject to change without notice as the school decides.

2. Accommodations are allocated based on gender, please make sure that your gender is correct before proceeding to make payment in order to avoid complications with your payment and allocation.