The following article will guide you on how to add and remove staff from a payroll group, and also to deactivate a staff from a payroll group.

  1. Click on Payroll Admin.
  2. Select Monthly Payroll Configuration.
  3. Click on Staff Payroll Group in the content section of the page.
  4. Select the group you wish to carry out actions on from the drop-down list of the payroll groups.


How to add staff to a staff payroll group

  1. Click on the Add Staff.
  2. A list of staff members registered on the platform will appear for you to choose from, you should tick the box beside the name to select the staff.
  3. Use the search box where a name doesn’t appear in the list by searching with a user ID or a name.
  4. Tick the box beside the name to select the staff before clicking on the Assign Selected Staff button.


How to remove staff from payroll

  1. Select the payroll group the staff belongs to from the drop-down list.
  2. Click on the selected staff name.
  3. Select the Remove From Payroll Group button.
  4. Click on OK on the drop-down box that appears.


How to deactivate staff under staff payroll group

  1. Choose the payroll group from the drop-down list on the content page.
  2. Select the staff name you wish to deactivate.
  3. Click on Deactivate Staff to deactivate the staff from receiving payment in that group.
  4. The status changes to Inactive to show it has been deactivated.